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Aloha! Thank you Elation Floatation, ecstatic sensation! Your place is clean, pleasing colors, soft, warm, inviting. For my first time ever having this experience it was deeply relaxing, wonderfully mind-freeing, amazing to forget I’m hauling around this body. Thanks for your caring, attentative, warm welcome. I must come again!

Dear Elation Float Team,
This has been an awesome experience. I felt totally relaxed and at peace. It was like being in outer space- totally weightless. I meditated and felt a little release of the muscle tension I have had since my stroke. I have been praying that God send me someone to help me heal my body. I think he has answered my prayers sending me Jessica and Kiki as my healing angels. God bless and I will be doing it again soon.

Aloha Soul Sistars!
Mahalo to you for bringing your dream to fruition here on Maui. My first experience with the tank was pretty amazing! After entering the Excape Pod, my body began to mellow out and I experienced the dual sensation of floating and sinking. Spinning and remaining motionless.

The stillness and calm that overcame me brought my consciousness to my breath, my heartbeat, and my physical alignment… I look forward to floating with you again and exploring more of the mental and spiritual escapes that I know await me. ☺

So much love!

WOW! Thank you so deeply for such a profound time in tune and in touch with a deep sense of knowing that all time and space are changing and extending on a grid. With a deep calm you jump in and ride it to the end of time, or beginning of space, and realize that they are one and the same.

Wow! Amazing, body still floating. So peaceful. The temperature is such that you cant tell the difference between air and water. So relaxing. Deep magical meditation. I highly recommend this treatment. What a blessing. Thank you, thank you.

Absolutely incredible from start to finish. Never experienced anything like this before, and I will definetly be coming back. Thank you!

Amazing. Today was my first float and could not have come at a better time. The feeling of being weightless is absolutely dream, I could have slept I think. I will be a regular for sure. Mahalo for giving this to our community!! Aloha Nui!

My body feels super relaxed. I floated in and out of consciousness. My mind is blank. In total cruise mode. Thank you.

I truly felt weightless for the first time in my life. The weight off my bones felt incredible. I actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to stay in for long, but before I knew it the time was up. I cant wait to do it again.

I came with little to no expectations. What an experience!

First time floater. I figured out life. You are your own cartoon.

One of the best experience ever! Meditation to the max! I cant wait for next time. Much mahalo.

Absolutely amazing. The float offered me the opportunity to really feel my body. I was able to access areas that were holding tension and brought them into a relaxing state. It was peaceful, warm, and comforting from the moment I walked into the floating room. This is one of the most beneficial self care things I have ever done for myself. Thank you Jessica and Kiki for bringing this to Maui… So grateful for you and this experience to be more in tune with my entire self. I will be floating as often as possible

Mahalo Green Medicine Goddess for such a divine float experience! I felt so welcomed and cared for from start to finish. The cleanliness made me feel so comfortable and my time in the tank was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. I can feel minerals penetrating me and I have a feeling of expansiveness and calm. Will definitely recommend floating with you to everyone. Again mahalo for brining such a high vibration to Maui.

First timer. I knew a little what to expect but upon entering the tank I had apprehension that I was going to feel what everyone describes.

After only a few minutes however my body started to relax and breathe stretch and more. After a little while longer I was able to release much of the chatter going on in my head. And then came that deep deep relaxing floating place that I wanted to stay in forever. What an amazing experience! Mahalo nui loa ladies and much much love!

Floaty- Spacey- Lovely experience- Wow ladies! You have created a little healing vortex in the middle of the jungle of Haiku. I’m the most ADD freak so 90 minutes in that space capsule was a little intimidating but I flowed with it and gained a sense of well being and empowerment!

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